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Car Cruise Busy Board

Car Cruise Busy Board

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Age recommendation - 3 to 8 years

Material - Organic wood

Dimensions - 60 x 33 x 7 cm

The Car Busy Board is a uniquely designed series of busy boards, exclusively launched by Hawbeez. This innovative busy board promises to captivate your little ones, keeping them engaged all day long. With its array of interactive activities, children will be irresistibly drawn to explore and play.

Crafted with the highest quality materials, the Car Busy Board ensures the safety and durability essential for children's toys. It features premium components such as a Small Stacker, Magnet Game, Door Lock, Lace Game, Wheel, and Water Tap, all meticulously chosen to provide a safe and engaging experience.

The Car Busy Board is not just a toy; it's a sensory adventure for your child. It stimulates a range of senses including touch, sight, hearing, and movement, enhancing their sensory development and curiosity.

Activities Include:

  • Stacker - Stacking rings for coordination and balance.
  • Magnet Game - Magnetic pieces for exploration and learning.
  • Door Lock - Mini door lock for motor skill development.
  • Lacing Game - Lacing activity for fine motor skills.
  • Spin Wheel - Spinning wheel for hand-eye coordination.
  • Water Tap - Tap and water wheel for sensory play and understanding cause and effect.
  • Door Knob - Twist and Turn: Door knob for hands-on motor skill practice.
  • Door Stopper - Hold the Door! Door stopper for spatial awareness and safety.
  • Handle - Grasp and Go: Handle for easy access and grip strengthening.
  • Door Chain Lock - Secure the Entry: Door chain lock for problem-solving and security awareness.
  • Pad Lock - Lock and Learn: Padlock for fine motor control and tactile exploration.
  • Chest Handle - Lift and Lock: Chest handle for strength building and treasure chest adventures.


Safety Instruction -Never soak or immerse a wooden toy in water. Use a moist cloth to wipe your toy, then air dry or wipe it using a dry cloth for basic cleaning.

Shipping - The product will be shipped within 5 to 10 working days. You can return your product within 7 days after purchase. No return or refund request would be entertained after the specified window.

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