About Us

Parenthood is the best experience a person can have. Little joys the new life brings in cannot be expressed in words and can only be experienced.

We became proud parents in Oct 2021. The little girl has brought so many awesome changes in our life. Every day was a new chapter. We just cannot forget her first smile, the first time she flipped, her first haircut… weekly routine of cutting her nails, and the fun experience of buying things for her. Her clothes, her toys, her food. Just everything about her was special. We just love her to the moon.

While we were in deep love with her, a thought constantly hit both of us. The items she was engaging with, are they safe? We wanted to make sure we provide the best for our baby girl. The task wasn’t easy though. We were experiencing this dilemma on daily basis. We were worried just like you all. After all, we love our kids more than anything. Don’t we?

That’s how we started seriously thinking about Hawbeez. We thought this was a requirement of every parent. So let’s do something about it. Hawbeez was launched with the sole aim of providing the best to the kids.

Be it toys, nutrition, or skills.


Play right, skill right, and eat right

Hawbeez is the online platform for the overall development of the kids

With the focus on the right skills, the right play, and the right nutrition we aim at providing the best in class products to every kid.

-Specially designed skill-enhancing sessions enable your little ones in staying ahead.

-Toys designed to keep them engaged as well as help in overall brain development.

-Nutrition that is fun to eat, tasty, and helps them intake nutrients and minerals in adequate quantity.

Our toys are locally manufactured and use nontoxic paints.

Nutritional products are 100% natural without added preservatives.