Teach, Learn, Play

Teach - let’s accept it … it’s not easy to teach literally anything to kids. It requires lots of patience. (You should be thankful to all the teachers )you have to play a balancing act. Sometimes listen to them, sometimes just don’t. What you teach them now will reflect how they shape as grown-ups. One important thing you should teach kids is accepting refusal/No/denial etc. Yes you love them, but make you are preparing them for the future when they are exposed to the world and have to take lots of “NO’s”
Learn - this phase is for both parents and children. Parents learn how to be patient and how to handle little non-understanding humans :)
Kids learn literally everything. The ever-evolving brain keeps them curious all the time and they want to explore and experience everything they get hold of ( you have already mastered the skill of hiding Mobiles, remotes, keys, and glass items by now.. haven’t you?)
Play - once they learn new things, it’s time they start enjoying it. Be part of this journey. Play along and get involved. This will surely increase the bonding.
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